Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag removal is safe and effective using short wave diathermy which destroys by thermolysis.

Unisex Treatment

Their medical name is acrochordons but are commonly known as skin tags. Skin tags are harmless fleshy growths that maybe brown or flesh coloured, which hang off the skin, they can be mistaken for warts. Size varies some may be only a few milimetres in size but it is possible for skin tags to reach up to 5 centimeters.

  • Before Skin Tag Removal photo
    Before Skin Tag Removal (on eyelid)

They can grow around the eyes and lids, commonly found in arm pits and the groin area as well very often found around the neck, under the breast line and have been found to grow in the creases of the buttocks. They do not cause any pain but can be uncomfortable if they grow in folds of the skin. To have skin tags removed you will have to pay for their removal privately as they are classed as cosmetic surgery and it is very rare for the NHS to remove them. Skin tags are usually removed because they can snag on clothing which can cause them to bleed, they can be unsightly which can lower self esteem. They can sometimes fall off on their own but it is advised to have them remove professionally. There is no apparent reason why skin tags form but they often begin to grow when we age or are over weight. This can be due to skin friction or by jewelry which is constantly rubbing the neck area. How to tell the difference between Skin Tags and Warts Skin tags are soft to touch unlike warts which can be harder and rougher. Skin tags are not contagious unlike warts which can spread causing clusters. Skin tags hang from the skin unlike warts which are flatter. Read more on warts For a slide show of different skin conditions follow this link (external website)

Prices: from £75 per session Consultation £40.00