Wart Removal

Unisex Treatment
There are various types of warts including plane, common, filiform and verrucas and all can be easily and successfully treated using electrolysis.  These type of warts can develop individually or in clusters and are highly contagious.

Warts are caused by the  HPV (human papilloma virus) and are usually found on the face namely flat warts, common warts are found on hands and fingers.  (Verrucas are plantar warts which are found on the feet and are also caused by the HPV.)

  • An example of Warts on the nostril

Although most warts clear up on their own usually about six – 24 months after first appearing, for some people who have weak immune systems they are less likely to find their warts disappearing without treatment.  Warts are more commonly found during childhood and adolescence although adults can also be troubled by them especially on the face.  Common warts are small skin growths found on the skin, they are not cancerous but are considered benign.

Maybe you are thinking of having a wart removed from your face, our unique method of  Wart Removal procedure is quick and painless.  Why not book today for a consultation and speak to the experts about having yours removed.

At Abate MediSpa Sanctuary we have a scar-less Wart Removal Clinic which removes warts from the face or body safely and effectively in just one treatment.  Many people who have not been successful in trying to remove their warts with home wart removal products visit our Wart Removal Clinic.

We have adapted our unique, simple, quick yet very effective method of removing warts from the face and body for over 24 years.  There is little down time which means that you can go about your daily life with little or no disturbance.  It is a painless procedure and there is no re-growth.

We do not do removal of warts from the hands or feet. You may want to speak to your local pharmacist to help with that.

 Prices start from as little as £75  (depending on size, depth and location of wart)

Consultation £35.

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*can also be suitable for mums-to-be