Facial Thread Vein Removal

Before red vein treatment and mole removalAfter red vein treatment and mole removal

Facial Thread Vein Removal using Electrolysis

Facial Thread Veins can be a problem for both men and women.

Unisex Treatment

Although there are negative connotations associated with Facial Thread Veins and the links to alcohol this is not always the case as there are other governing factors which can be the cause of facial thread veins on the face, namely, sunbathing,  smoking, exercise, allergies, expose the weather, life style, hormones, hot baths and steam, extreme temperature changes, hot spicy foods, the list goes on.   When we get hot to help the body from over heating the the tiny blood capillaries open up to allow the heat to escape from the skin, this is known as vasodilation and when the body cools down they close, this is called vasoconstriction.   This is how the body balances and regulates its temperature. Over the course of time due to age and the thinning skin including the loss of collagen within the skin’s structure, these tiny vessels gradually break down and allow blood to by pass giving Using Thermolosis, Facial Thread Veins can be removed easily and permanently with little down time.  The procedure is safe, fast and removes thread veins instantly. Nose: Treatment consists of 15 minute sessions costing £65 per session. (An average amount of thread veins on the nose would usually need one treatment.  Further treatment may be needed if thread veins are large or distended. Cheeks: If there are thread veins on both cheeks, treatment would consist of two treatments, one for each cheek. This would be classed as two treatments costing £130.  If there is only one cheek to be treated then  treatment would cost £65. It is usual for an average treatment to consist of thread veins on the nose and slight amount covering both cheeks, the price would be £130 to remove these three areas. A FREE Consultation is available where we can discuss the procedure in depth, we can show you our photographic portfolio of before and after photographs and advise the exact cost depending on the areas needing treatment. As a rough guide one cheek area would be on average of one session costing only £65.