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Unisex Treatment

“Don’t let an unwanted or unsightly tattoo stop you from wearing the clothes you want or stand in the way of your career”!

Are you fed up with wearing long sleeve shirts in the summer, or covering up when everyone else is stripping off?  Or perhaps your tattoo serves as a permanent reminder of an uncomfortable or unwanted memory?

Tattoo removal has been a daunting task until recently, but now there is a revolutionary method of ink extraction. Developed in the USA tattoos can now be removed quickly, easily and permanently.

The e-raze system works much like having the original tattoo, but instead of using ink, a specially formulated cream that bonds with the original tattoo ink draws the ink to the skin surface.  The cream doesn’t remain in the skin, or replace the tattoo. It is so effective that tattoo removal can usually be completely in just three or four sessions, compared to the dozens of treatments required by laser tattoo removal methods.

Removes Any Ink Colour                                       Safe and Effective

Full or part tattoo removal in as little as 3 or 4 treatments

  • +How Does It Work

    Tattoos are created by injecting insoluble micrometer-sized particles of ink into the second (dermal) layer of skin by approximately one millimetre. The cells of the dermis are remarkable stable, so the tattoo ink will last, with minor fading and dispersion, for your entire life!

    The e-raze tattoo removal system, is a revolutionary method of tattoo ink extraction that has taken the United States by storm.

    The tattoo removal formula is applied just like having an original tattoo. The unique properties of the removal formula allows it to bond with the original tattoo ink, increasing the size of the ink particles and causing the skins own natural defenses to push the foreign matter out.

    The first step of the e-raze treatment is to disinfect the area. Liquid anaesthetic can be wiped over the skin to numb the area. Next the area is prepared by tattooing over your unwanted tattoo using the tattoo removal cream. The tattoo extraction formula gets to work almost immediately drawing the original tattoo ink upwards through the skin. A crust containing the tattoo ink will form over the treated skin and after a couple of weeks the crust will naturally flake away taking that unwanted tattoo ink with it. It is likely that a secondary crusting will occur, again containing even more tattoo ink. The remaining tattoo ink will also be lightened and moved closer to the epidermis the layer of skin that is naturally being constantly shed.

    The e-raze system is so effective it is technically feasible although unlikely that tattoo removal can be completed in a single treatment. however, it is likely that entire parts of your tattoo may need further treatments. Unlike laser tattoo removal the e-raze system works equally on all colour pigments.

    What is the tattoo removal cream?
    The tattoo removal cream has been specifically developed for the purpose of removing tattoos by bonding with the tattoo ink and causing its expulsion from the body. Many of the ingredients can be found in food and cosmetic products. The ingredients in order of quantity are as follows, water, zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, n-propane, triethanolamine, benzoic acid and calcium oxide. Only a very small amount of cream is required per treatment most of which does not penetrate the skin, exposure is minimal and chemical concentrations in the cream present little or no risk.

    If you tattoo the removal cream in does this mean it get left in the body rather than the tattoo?
    No, the tattoo removal cream is designed to bond to and absorb the tattoo ink and extract the ink to the skin surface. It does not replace the tattoo and it does not remain in the skin. It is not a skin coloured cover up tattoo.

  • +e-raze vs lazer

    Why laser tattoo removal fails.
    Laser tattoo removal relies on using high energy pulses of light at specific wavelengths to smash the tattoo pigment so it may be absorbed by the body. The wavelengths must be varied according to skin colour, pigment colours to be removed, the type of ink used (there are over 100 different inks currently in use), and according the depth of the tattoo.Green and yellow are also difficult pigments for the lasers to eliminate due to the fact that they reflect most of the light energy. As most pigments can be traced back to the three primary colours red, yellow and blue, remaining pigments can pose difficulty if not impossible for laser to totally eliminate.

    How e-raze compares to laser
    e-raze is possible the least painful method currently known for tattoo removal without resorting to use of general or local anaesthetic. As the process uses the same tattoo method you have already been through it is no more painful, in fact most clients comment it is less painful than having their tattoo put on in the first place. Many clients have mentioned that it feels no more than an irritating scratch during procedure. e-raze system is the fastest non surgical treatment to completely remove a tattoo. It takes between six to sixteen weeks for the treated area to heal sufficiently between treatments. This allows a tattoo to be removed in a matter of months. e-raze system is the most affordable. Compared to the numerous treatments laser tattoo removal requires, these savings soon add up. e-raze system is proven. This treatment process has been researched and developed over approximately 20 years and is use world wide for over 10 years with many clinics in the United States now offering the treatment. Some laser clinics have even changed to using this system.

  • +FAQ

    Does it hurt
    The process is very simple to being tattooed, so there is little more pain or discomfort than when you originally had your tattoo applied.

    How long does a treatment take?
    A treatment takes approximately around 45 – 60 minutes to cover a 2 x 2 inch square area.

    How soon will I see the tattoo removal results?
    During treatment you will see the unwanted ink bubble out of the skin and your technician can show you the amount of ink that has been removed. The most amazing thing about this treatment is that you will actually get to see the results in a just a few days. A good crust will form over the treated skin, as the crust falls away it will take the unwanted tattoo ink with it. It is likely that parts of the tattoo will be almost completely erased on just the first treatment. You tattoo can be completely removed in just a matter of months, compared to years that it takes with laser.

    How many tattoo removal treatments will it take to remove my tattoo?
    On average most tattoos can be removed in three to four treatments depending on size and location and how deep the tattooist has implanted the ink into the skin. Very old tattoos may take an extra treatment. We do not normally recommend treating a complete arm or leg band tattoo in one sitting but usually treat it in sections. We normally recommend that a maximum single area of two square inches is treated to minimise discomfort after treatment. If you require a larger area to be treated then please discuss this with your technician.

    Can all pigments be removed?
    Yes, the process acts upon all pigments equally, unlike laser tattoo removal which is ineffective against certain pigments. The success rate of tattoo removal colour is 100% for permanent make up and over 92% for body tattoos, much higher than the success rate of laser tattoo removal treatment*.

    How frequent can I have the tattoo removal treatment?
    It will generally take about two weeks from the initial treatment for the crust to fall away, normally after six to sixteen weeks the area is healed sufficiently to be re-treated. Healing time varies depending on individual persons healing rate (i.e. some people heal quicker than others this can depend on medical history), medication, skin type etc. but during your consultation this is discussed in full.

    Are there any lasting side effects?
    There have been no lasting side effects documented arising out of this tattoo removal treatment. The area may be sore for around a week after treatment and following the final treatment the area may appear slightly redder however this should fade to the normal skin colour after a few months. None of the cases in the Cosmetic Dermatology April, 2001 study of 98 patients demonstrated destruction of the skin’s natural pigment unlike laser where hypo pigmentation and hyper pigmentation can be more common. You do not have to avoid exposure to sunlight, however, if the treated area is exposed then the area under the crust will not enjoy the same exposure levels leave the area temporarily lighter, until the exposure levels are the same.

    Will it leave a permanent scar?
    The removal process is well tolerated by the skin the scarring rate in a published series of 98 patients (Cosmetic Dermatology April, 2001) was 0% for permanent make-up and 6% for body tattoos (micro-scarring) compared to laser with a 5% chance that a permanent scar will form*. Usually, if you did not suffer any complications when the tattoo was originally applied, do not suffer from keloids and the treated area is cared for properly then the risk of scarring should be minimal. If the original tattoo has been applied too deeply, (tattoo has become blurred) then attempted removal can be more liable to scarring. Please discuss this with your technician. It is important to follow the after care instructions provided.

    How will I know if this treatment is suitable for me?
    The treatment is suitable for most people, however, a thorough consultation is carried out prior to any treatment. Generally if you have tolerated the original tattoo process then this treatment is very similar.

    Can I have this tattoo removal if I’ve had laser tattoo removal treatment?It is possible to treat tattoos that have previously undergone laser tattoo removal treatment, however the results can be less successful due to sub dermal scar tissue left behind by the laser tattoo removal process, please call us to discuss. It is perfectly safe to have laser tattoo removal treatment on your tattoo after it has been treated with the e-raze tattoo removal system if necessary.

    I have a home made tattoo, will this tattoo removal system work on that?
    Yes, usually ink in home made tattoos is less resilient than that used in professionally applied tattoos and can be removed very easily, however unlike professional tattoos ink depth can be very random which may make additional treatment necessary.

    I have permanent make up, can this tattoo removal system remove that?
    Yes, this treatment will completely remove permanent make up, the only place its not suitable for is sensitive areas near the eyes.

    Do you guarantee complete tattoo removal?
    Every individual tattoo is unique some will respond better than others to particular treatments. Therefore, no guarantee can be make on the likely success of the treatments. The published success rate of tattoo colour removal is 100% for permanent make-up and over 92% for body tattoos*, better than any other currently available tattoo removal technique.

  • +How much does it cost?

    Treatment costs starts from £75.

    Multiple separate areas as long as all the treatments can be carried out at the same time, for example to remove multiple small tattoo across the knuckles of both hands would be approximately £75.

    Consultation £35.

    If you have a very large tattoo that requires treatment, please call to discuss your requirements and possible reductions.

    A firm price can be established upon sight of the tattoo.