Spider Naevus Removal

Unisex Treatment

Our professional skin clinic offers Spider Naevus Removal or Spider Angioma Removal using heat, (electrodissication or advanced electrolysis).  Our treatment is quick and safe and will only take ONE treatment to successfully remove.  It is painless, cause no scarring or side effects, with little down time.

Prices vary depending on size and quantity but an average lesion would cost approximately £65.  Book today for a consultation or to speak to one of our specialist professionals regarding procedure.

  • Spider Naevus on leg

Spider Angioma or Spider Naevus as they are commonly called, are enlarged blood vessel which resemble a spider having a body and legs.  The body can sometimes be raised they can also be known by the following names:- Naevus Araneus, Vascular Spider, Arterial Spider, Spider Telangiectasia and Spider Naevus/Nevus.

Although the cause is unknown they can be linked to pregnancy and oestrogen hormone changes when taking the contraceptive pill.  Thyroid and liver disease may also cause them to form.  They are harmless, therefore not contagious or cancerous and can be common in children as well as adults.  If picked or scratched they may bleed.

Found on adults face, back, upper arms and chest, children can also have them on the backs of their hands. They have a round body which can be raised with legs that lead away from the central body.  When pressed blood inside the body will drain and the Spider Naevus will automatically disappear until pressure is released.

If a person has many Spider Naevis and they are not pregnant or on the contraceptive pill then it is worth considering a medical check for thyroid and liver disease to be on the safe side. They may go away following pregnancy or if stopping the contraceptive pill which both cause higher levels of oestrogen.

Consultation £35.