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Browse through our extensive range of enticing Spa Packages to relax your mind and body.  Using the finest products to create the ultimate Spa experience.



How often do you get time out to just relax and unwind and have all your stresses melted away by unadulterated pampering?
Not often I would think would be the answer!

Why not step out of the craziness that is everyday life and step into some well deserved YOU time. Forget about time….. Experience a variety of therapies that date back hundreds of years. Treat your entire body to luxurious pampering at its best.
These packages are designed to condition and refresh you from within, to address and rebalance your body as well as conditioning your skin and tired muscles.

From ancient therapies such as the ‘Thermal Stamp Therapy’ to using volcanic basalt stones to ease tense/tight muscles or perhaps you require a detoxifying or hydrating body wrap, the choice is yours!
There is always something for everyone.

ManTime Spa (all skin conditions) 3hrs – 3hrs 30mins £118.00

Whether they like to admit it or not Men love to be pampered and this package is ideal to treat that special man in your life!
Experience a unique and exotic treatment that combines detoxifying and cleansing capabilities from earth clays with the intensely moisturizing power of natural oils. Olive and Grape Seed oils protect, smooth and condition while fortifying skin with antioxidants, and a unique blend of Asian herbs stimulate circulation. Using massage techniques the blend of ingredients will work over your skin to help detoxify and condition. Hot steam towels are used to remove the products and moisturizers applied to hydrate.Lie back and let us invigorate your skin with a prescription facial that aims to hydrate and replenish your skin from lost moisturize and revitalizing tired dull skin to leave you with a glowing complexion.
To commence we use double cleansing to lift any impurities and debris from the skins surface which is then followed by exfoliation to furthermore buff away any dull skin and help prevent ingrown hairs caused by shaving, extractions will be carried out if necessary to cleanse your pores of any congestion leaving you with brighter younger skin. A pressure point massage will guarantee to relax and release any tensions from your face/neck and shoulders. Soothing masques are applied to calm your face and neck including lower neck which will hydrate and replenish your skin and help heal and release any further congestion. A hydra mist will be applied following serums and moisturisers that will have you feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the world!Lastly allow your hands to be conditioned with a classic manicure using rich moisturisers to help hydrate your skin as well as your cuticles and nails be tidied after all your hands go through a lot each day and need some TLC.

(Prescription facial, mud massage therapy, classic manicure)

A Taste of the Exotic (all skin conditions) 60 – 90mins £70

Inspired by the practices of Thai therapy of the 14th century, this treatment utilizes a unique fabric stamp filled with skin-benefiting ingredients and the power of heat to detoxify, remineralize, de-stress, exfoliate and relax. Natural earth clays draw out impurities while extracts stimulate circulation and smooth skin. The deep manipulations along pressure points and the meridian of the body relieve aching muscle tissue and work to rebalance the body.
(Thermal Therapy with Thermal Stamp includes body foliation plus pressure point massage with thermal stamp)
A Little Piece of Heaven (all skin conditions) 4hrs 15mins £113.00

Float away in pure relaxation with this package. You will certainly feel like you’re in heaven when you submerse yourself in pure indulgence by receiving the absolute ultimate facial that will not only hydrate and leave your skin revitalised and glowing but while receiving this your back will be lying on a bed of hot volcanic basalt stones which melt into your muscles, molding into them so that they feel like they have disappeared and all you can feel is the warmth they give off passing through your tense/tight muscles. You will also receive a further 15 minutes of pleasurable hot stone massage to eradicate any last remaining tension.To complete your Little Piece of Heaven and whilst your still floating on air, you’ll be drifted off to the French Polynesian Island and indulge in a tropical manicure and pedicure you will sample and feel the benefits of the island’s finest ingredients amongst which include Tiare flower and Tahitian coconut which will enrich and hydrate your hands and feet to leave you feeling like you are floating up with the gods!

(La Stone Face and Back Spa Therapy, French Polynesian Island manicure and pedicure)

Perfect Princess* (all skin conditions) 4hrs £118.00

Release your inner princess with our Perfect Princess Pamper Package.
You will not only look like a princess but this package is guaranteed to make you feel like a princess. Your princess package will commence with a hydrating and oxygenizing facial that will have you feeling rejuvenated and glowing with health and vitality just perfect for a princess’.
Your princess facial will start with a deep double cleanse and exfoliation before any extractions (if necessary). You’ll relax with a pressure point massage to ease away any tension before an oxygenating, hydrating masque is applied. Your skin is enriched further with an oxygenizing mist and creams to moisturize and replenish your skin.
The pampering doesn’t stop there! The lucky princess will then experience a glorious 30 minute massage which aims to help relieve your back, neck and shoulders of any tension leaving the princess incredibly relaxed and ready to enjoy the next treatment.
Now to finish the princess will have her hands and feet attended to making sure all cuticles and nails are tidied and any hard skin removed. Hands and feet will reap the rewards with a heavenly scented sea salt scrub to buff away tired skin and then encased in paraffin wax to hydrate your skin further. Feel the comfort of the warmth as the heated wax passes heat deep into your hands and feet alleviating any tension away. Moisturisers will then be pushed into your skin by massage to hydrate your hands and feet to make them feel like new.Her perfect spa package will culminate with a glass of Champagne and some strawberries.To feel like a princess is as simple as believing you are one!

(Prescription facial, Luxury manicure and pedicure, Lava Shell back/neck and shoulders massage)

Yin (all skin conditions) 1hr 15mins £63.00

Whether you’re wanting to reduce stress or to energise yourself this package can be customised to suit your needs!
Lie back and relax while Mineral Sea Salts and seaweed are layered over your skin and then removed by buffing to leave your skin silky smooth, healthy and glowing. Your skin is further conditioned by encasing your body within a nourishing yet detoxifying body wrap which assisted by natural clays help draw out any impurities while White Tea and Ginger help stimulate circulation. Lie back and relax while nourishing botanicals absorb deep into your skin leaving you fresh and regenerated ready to face the world once more.(Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy, Nourishing Sea Mud Therapy)
Yang* (Ideal for drier, prematurely aging skin or sensitive, irritated skin) 1hr 15mins £63.00

Blissful relaxation, gently smoothing oatmeal and rice bran over your skin and with the added use of heat will calm and gently buff away tired dull skin leaving you feeling revived and soothed. After your skin been prepped it will be gently enveloped in a nourishing hydrated wrap that contains Wasabi, Ginger and White Tea. Reap the benefits of antioxidants that are found in Kuikui nut, Olive and Grape seed oils and feel like you’re in a whole new revitalised skin that feels like silk.(Body Foliation Therapy, Power Recovery Therapy)

* Suitable for mums to be.


Want to look great on the red carpet? Well these packages will have you looking and feeling fabulous and gorgeous ready to accept an Oscar!
From Hollywood icons, timeless beauty to sexy sultress these packages will give you a head to toe make over!
Whether you’re heading out on the town or not you will be looking refreshed and glammed up ready to show the world how fabulous you are!

Package Includes Time Price
Marilyn Monroe Prescription Facial, Classic Manicure and Pedicure,
Mineral Salt Scrub, Individual Eyelashes (*)
4hrs 30mins £127.00

Lauren Bacall Prescription Facial, Back/Neck and Shoulder Massage,
French Polynesian Island Manicure and Pedicure. (*)
4hrs £122.00

Charlize Theron Prescription Facial, Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy,
La Stone Therapy, Luxury Manicure and Pedicure.
5hrs 30mins £140.00

Angelina Jolie French Polynesian Island Manicure and Pedicure,
Individual Eyelashes and Make up application. (*)
3hrs 30mins £109.00