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“If you have not tried the No Hands Massage you are missing out. I have had many massages over the years, this is by far the best.”

Wendy – Wickford,Essex.

Mineral Salt Scrub (all skin conditions) 40 mins £30.00
This amazing treatment can be customised to either energise or to de stress. While the blend of Mineral sea salts and seaweed exfoliate with skin smoothing enzymes that help to dissolve dead skin cells. The perfect blend of essential oils help stimulate the senses, while cleansing and conditioning the skin. Your skin is gently bathed then mosturised afterwards leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalised with enviable soft, silky skin.
Body Exfoliation Therapy* (all skin conditions- ideal for sensitive or prematurely aging skin) 40 mins £30.00
Give your body the customised exfoliation it needs coupled with the warming sensation it craves!
A gentle Oatmeal and Rice Bran powder activates to create a gentle yet effective exfoliant that whisks away dead skin cells, brightens skin and helps reduce the appearance of sun spots and hyper pigmentation. Skin is smoother and prepped for maximum absorption of rich, soothing botanical oils. You’ll leave this therapy with silky, healthier skin.
La Stone Face and Back Therapy 90 mins £65.00
Not just a facial, this is pure holistic therapy that honours the whole body
Using La Stone Therapy, hot stones are placed either side of your spine. The heat from the stones will deeply penetrate the muscles of the back, while cold stones placed on top of the body create balance and harmonise the body. All the while your face will undergo a Face Mapping Skin Analysis, followed by cleansing, extractions, (if necessary), exfoliation, you will then receive a very relaxing and luxurious facial holistic massage, followed by masques, serums and moisturisers. Not only will your skin be revived, your back will have been massaged by the intensity and power of the stones. A truly wonder spa therapy.
Optional Extras:
15 minute back massage with La Stone to elevate excess tension £10.00
Touch Therapies:
Touch Therapies can also be incorporated into your La Stone Face and Back Therapy and are a wonderful way to further relax whilst still having your treatment. To take advantage of these relaxing holistic therapies please choose from the following:-
NOTE: more than one relaxing touch therapy can be chosen if required, please specify when booking.
Hand or Foot Massage
(Your hands or feet will be soothed with a soft and soothing massage using hydrating conditioners to further enhance deeper relaxation).
£9.50 each
Scalp massage
(Gentle soothing massage that will reduce tension and further your wellbeing).
(Using massage with pressure point techniques over the feet to help clear channels of congestion therefore, helping to restore and main the body’s natural equilibrium. This gentle therapy encourages the body to work naturally in restoring its own health ability).
Paraffin Wax Treatment To Hands Or Feet
(Paraffin wax will encase your hands or feet while the heated mittens will keep the benefits of the paraffin wax working)
La Stone Therapy 1 hour £65.00
Receiving this therapy will leave you completely euphoric, relaxed and grounded.
La Stone Therapy sometimes called Hot Stone Massage, uses deep penetrating massage techniques and highly effective energy by delivering principles of alternating the application of heated and chilled stones to the body. This is done by working stones on the body and also for placement under and on the body during the treatment.
La Stone Therapy reflects and aims to create balance and harmony on all levels, similar to Ying and Yang. Receiving this therapy will leave you completely euphonic and relaxed and feeling grounded. It will be like receiving a massage for the very first time and knowing that the power of the stones have worked deep into those tired, overworked tense, muscles. Once you have received this unique massage you will never forget what a wonderful experience.
Mud Massage Therapy (all skin conditions) 30 mins/60mins £40/£70
A unique and exotic treatment that combines the detoxifying and cleansing capabilities of earth clays with the intensely moisturising power of natural oils. Olive and Grape Seed oils protect, smooth and condition while fortifying skin with antioxidants, and a unique blend of Asian herbs stimulate circulation. Your skin is smooth, soothed and protected.
NO HANDS ® The New Massage 30mins £30.00
60mins £45.00
90mins £60.00

Welcome to the world of NO HANDS Massage, where you will feel an indulgent and relaxing treat and experience a way of massage like no other.
The New Massage
NO HANDS is deep, releasing, rejuvenating and nourishing.
It is a dynamic new form of Massage that is sweeping across the world as one of the most powerful new therapeutic Massage treatments available. It was conceived and developed by UK therapist Gerry Pyves after 20years of clinical testing.
It is Massage that works – on every level:

  • Physical
  • Energetic
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • A Gentle Giant

  • +How it works

    It works because we literally do not use our hands, but instead use the soft surfaces of our forearms. This means it is both deeper and more relaxing than conventional Massage. For this reason it has been called “The Gentle Giant of Massage”.
    This is Massage for Life, not just for the odd injury or occasional pampering, but Massage to help your journey through life. Words and pictures cannot do justice to the power of this “New Massage”- you can only understand it by feeling it.

  • +Powerful

    The most ancient healing therapy on the planet just got more powerful.
    NO HANDS Massage is deeper and more effective than you ever thought possible. This is why NO HANDS Massage has now become the Massage treatment of choice for many professional Massage Therapists- Because they know!
    This Massage is so powerful that you will feel the benefits long after the session has finished.
    – Deep Touch
    – Nourishing Touch
    – Energising Touch
    – Transforming Touch

  • +What Clients Say...

    “Fantastic experience! The most relaxing massage I have ever had. Very different experience, will definitely be back!” (MSTL07)
    “Lovely sensation during the massage- diffuse but effective. Very effective at loosening tight areas, freeing up movement.” (HAJP07)
    “I receive NO HANDS on my neck, shoulders and back, primarily to relieve tension and strain from violin playing. I feel balanced, relaxed, with a sense of wellbeing after each session. I have noticed progressive relief in neck and shoulder stiffness.” (AMJC08)
    (references mean testimonials can be verified)

A consultation will be carried out prior to your treatment and a programme will be discussed with you to suit your needs and requirements. The massage can be truly catered around how you are feeling emotionally to physically and we can focus more on areas that are really needing some TLC. From nurturing massage to structural and energising we can have you revived and ready for the world outside again.