Seborrhoeic Keratosis Removal

Seborrhoeic Warts  is also know as Seborrhoeic Keratoses and basal cell papillomata.  They are have no link with viral warts or sebaceous glands.  They are harmless common growths on the skin and usually appear as we age, they are not threatening, not contagious or malignant but they are unsightly and cause embarrassment, especially when they are on the face, they can irritate and catch on clothing which in turn can make them itch and become inflamed. They are not infectious. They are due to an excess of build up of ordinary skin cells and are also known as pigmentated basal cell papillomas.  Men are more likely to get them (approximately 50%), women can also get them around third and both sexes may get one during their life time.  The percentages rise according with age.  Some people will have only a few while others will have many covering their bodies.

Although they are not hereditary there can be link with families who have a predisposition to having them within the family.

Unisex Treatment

They appear rough and craggy to the touch, can be small but can grow large in size. It is suggested that the sun can be the cause. They range from golden brown, mid brown to black in colour and can found on darker skins and can be called Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra. They appear to be stuck on the skin but cannot be removed by mere picking at the skin, they can resemble a cereal flake. They are usually found on the body or trunk but can be found on the head and neck, they start to appear after the age of 40 and once they are present usually more will appear over the course of time. Their number can vary from several to hundreds in one person.

The very dark Seborrhoeic Keratoses can look very similar to a melanoma so it is wise to have your lesion checked by a professional to make sure all is well and healthy. Seborrhoeic Keratoses are much more common than skin cancers such as melanoma and are ususally easy to recognise. Nevertheless, if in doubt it is wise to get any  pigmented lump checked by a doctor and the correct diagnosis made.

We offer consulations for those wishing to have their lesions checked and we can successfully remove Seborrhoeic Keratoses (Seborrhoeic Warts) without any regrowth.

Our revolusionally method is safe, quick and easy with NO REGROWTH unlike other methods such as freezing, liquid nitrogen known as Cryotherapy and scrapping known as Curettage, these methods have their individual drawbacks of high rate of regrowth, change in skin colour or scarring of the skin.


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Consultation £35.