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For many years Susan has been performing Medical Micro-pigmentation and scar camouflage with fantastic results which have helped her clients enormously in restoring back their self confidence and she is proud of the work that she has achieved in the paramedical field. 

This procedure is used to camouflage scarring following plastic, cosmetic or general surgery or scars resulting from an accident or injury. Facial cosmetic surgery can sometimes result in visible scarring but with Susan’s experience and technique at applying Medical Micro-pigmentation procedure post procedure scars can become hardly noticeable.

Susan has many years experience is this field of work and has many before and after photographs to show at her successful and professional Medical Micro-pigmentation clinic. Her many clients range from those who are fortunate and have undergone successful cosmetic facial surgery procedures which need slight scar camouflage treatment to disguise tell-tale signs of their surgery, to those unfortunate clients whose surgery has gone completely wrong and who have under taken unsuccessful surgery and are unhappy with their surgery results.  Susan is often called upon to offer her expertise and knowledge in Medical Micro-pigmentation correction and restoration procedure.  During Susan’s clinical trials she noticed that scar tissue can be broken down by applying micro-pigmentation into the scar area known as fibrous connective tissue over several sessions which increased cell renewal improving the overall appearance of skin texture and smoothness.

Scar Camouflage
Scars can be visibly reduced by implanting pigment colours that match your own skin colour into the damaged skin. This procedure is fantastic for those people who are suffering from stretch marks following:- childbirth, cosmetic surgery or general stretch marks which may have appeared from teenage growth or drastic weight loss. Stretch Marks can affect both men and women and can be a deliberating condition to suffers.

Once a scar has settled down and healed and approximately around a year after we are able to use pigments to improve and disguise the appearance of stretch mark scars. Through clinical trials conducted by Susan at her established and professional clinic on clients whose suffered from scars or attributed weak, thin over stretched skin caused by incorrect cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures, Susan had noticed that by the action of Micro-pigmentation application into these type of skin conditions stimulated healing and produced cell renewal in the localised area.

Vitiligo – (lack of skin pigmentation)
Medical Micro-pigmentation is an effective treatment for Vitiligo for all skin types. By blending and implanting colour pigments that match the surrounding skin, Vitiligo can be visibly reduced and removed. Vitiligo is a common chronic skin disorder that causes depigmentation which result in white spots or patches on the skin usually occurring on both sides of the body in the same location.

It can be found anywhere on the body including the face, neck, hands, arms, legs and feet and also the breast tissue such as the nipple and areola. It affects both men and women, all races and all ages. It occurs when melanocytes, the cells responsible for skin pigmentation die off or are unable to function in the normal way. Vitiligo is common in people with certain immune system diseases and in children with parents who have the condition, although Vitiligo can affect those who have no immune system disease and most children will not become affected even if there parents have the condition.

Susan uses specialised pigmentation and shading techniques which are tattooed into the white patches in the skin. She has tremendous skill and flair at reproducing the nipple and areola following breast surgery. Colour implanting is equally successful on the face, hands and body. Vitiligo in the nipple and areola area responds very well to micro-pigmentation. Placing colour pigments into the skin brings uniformity to the nipple, clients can request implantation of a darker colour than their own natural colouring for the areola which Vitiligo has affected. Medical Micro-Pigmentation improves the appearance of scars as well as restoring symmetry in the breast.

About half of all people who have Vitiligo begin to lose pigment before they are 20 years old.

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