Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Pigmentation or Hair Simulation Tattooing  treatment for men/women who may suffer with alopecia, baldness, thinning hair or who just want to look and feel good about themselves.  The Scalp Pigmentation treatment is one of the best alternatives to hair transplants, wigs, pills or lotions.  It’s safe and quick to complete, ensuring you reap the benefits of looking great straight away.

The treatment looks so natural that you, your friends, family and people you meet will find it difficult to tell the difference.

Unisex Treatment

The Scalp Pigmentation treatment its self uses a number of different coloured pigmentations, to create the look of a naturally shaved head.  The revolutionary treatment can finally provide men, who may suffer with alopecia, baldness or thinning hair,  a realistic solution that makes you look and feel great!

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Its not magic, its not a gimmick, its the best cost effective treatment for hair loss

Scalp Pigmentation is a very effective treatment for scalp hair loss, the results are immediate and so convincing that you will find it difficult to tell the difference!  It is a safe, instant and effective hair loss treatment that can be used for those wishing to restore the look of their scalp after succumbing hair loss or receding hair line or baldness, it also works very well in conjunction with hair transplant treatment and the overall appearance looks extremely natural.

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The Treatment

Scalp Pigmentation is a very affordable scalp hair loss treatment that is available at our professional Essex clinic.  Established over 24 years and with a wealth of professional experience we are a  leading MediSpa in the UK.   Based in Essex, Abate MediSpa Sanctuary is only 45 minutes from central London and is very accessible by all rail and major road links.

Scalp Pigmentation is a painless procedure and works by injecting colour matching pigments that resemble the colour of the original scalp hair into the skin.  At Abate MediSpa Sanctuary we use a licensed Class 2a medical certified digital state of the art medical/cosmetic machine, which implants specialized pigments into the skin that replicate short shaved natural hair, these simulated hair strokes offer an overall natural hair appearance and hair line and it is possible to get the appearance of a full head of hair with only one treatment which requires little maintenance.

With many years experience in specialist micro pigmentation we can guarantee perfect results every time.  Whether you are looking for a treatment that can add the appearance of  volume to a receding hair line or you are wanting your thinning hair to look thicker or perhaps you are wanting the look of a full head of hair, all can be achieved by our specialist hair consultants.  We pride ourselves at offering the very best service and our results speak for themselves.  It is important that the finished results not only looks natural but must look very convincing and each imitated hair should replicate the individual’s natural hair in texture as well as tone.  We pride ourselves in paying particular attention to achieving a hair line that not only suits the individuals face and bone structure but that it should look natural and resemble what it would have looked liked before hair loss.

The uses for Scalp Pigmentation:  Not only does it work and is fantastic at simulating hair on the scalp but it can be used to disguise scars on the scalp either caused by accident or injury.  It can also help those who suffer from Alopecia and can also be adapted to replicate natural eyebrow hair and restore the look of full eyebrows.

Abate MediSpa Sanctuary was established in 1990 and is a leading professional MediSpa offering innovative state of the art treatments for the discerning client who is looking for the very best treatment available.  Established over 24 years Abate MediSpa Sanctuary has grown and developed into one of the UK’s leading MediSpas whose unrivalled professional ethos for quality and friendly personal service is what clients expect from an established MediSpa.  Scalp Pigmentation is conducted by our results driven specialist professionals team who offer first class treatments at realistic prices.

Scalp Pigmentation is a revolutionary hair loss treatment for men and can help make positive changes to their lives. We have seen and witnessed the differences it can have by lifting and restoring confidence which makes our job all the more rewarding.

Why not book for a consultation where you can speak to one of our professional consultants who will be able to quickly assess your needs, whether you are requiring full or part head reconstruction, hair line or bald sections, our friendly professional consultants are here to help and discuss the treatment.  During your consultation you will be able to view our before and after photographic portfolio of treatments performed at Abate MediSpa Sanctuary. All consultations and treatments are discreet and confidential.

Abate MediSpa Sanctuary can offer you an option that would best suit your needs.

Hair Loss, Alopecia and Hair Restoration

Partial or complete hair loss is a condition known as Alopecia it can be temporary or permanent. Although no one really knows the exact cause of Alopecia, it can be triggered by stress and anxiety.    For those who suffer with this deliberating condition it can be a traumatic experience leading to lack of confidence and low self esteem.  It can affect both men and women at anytime for no apparent reason.  Abate MediSpa Sanctuary can help Alopecia suffers by using Scalp Pigmentation treatment, by successfully implanting pigments into the scalp produces very convincing natural hair simulation.  Abate MediSpa Sanctuary’s consultants have the experience, knowledge and talent to help hair loss and alopecia suffers restore their lives with confidence.  With the help of Abate MediSpa Sanctuary’s hair restoration procedure alopecia and hair loss suffers can rebuild their lives and lead an active life.

Head/Scalp Scars

Not only does it work and is fantastic at simulating hair on the scalp but it can be used to disguise scars on the scalp either caused by accident or injury.


Is it painful?
The procedure is painless, as we hardly go deep into the skin.
How long is a treatment session?
Treatment sessions vary depending on what is required but generally treatment time is 1 – 1½ hour sessions.
Will it look convincing?
All our clients are very happy with their finished treatment results and comment how much confidence they have gained since having their hair loss treatment.
Can I bring photographs of what I would like you to achieve?
Yes, if you would like to, some clients have an image of what they would like their treatment to look but this is discussed fully during your consultation.
Will the colours match?
Yes the colours that are chosen will match your hair colour, we try to adapt pigments to give a 3d effect that will resemble natural looking hair tone.
How many treatments will I need?
This will depend on what you are wanting to achieve but during your consultation this will be discussed fully once your consultant has assessed you.
What will my scalp look like following treatment?
Your scalp may look a little pink immediately following treatment but will settle down to normal after a couple/few hours.
What is the after care procedure?
Do not rub or touch the area immediately following treatment, do not wash the area for one week, this will allow the skin and pigments to settle into the skin.
How often can I have treatment?
Treatments can be carried out weekly if desired but this is at the request of the client and what is required.

Consultation £35.

For any other enquiries or to speak to one of our Professional Specialists or to book for Scalp Pigmentation treatment please call 01268 763912 where we will be happy to discuss these with you and answer your questions.