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We are now proud to offer SHRINKING VIOLET BODY WRAPS!!!!!

This amazing treatment is a miracle worker for fat loss!!! The minimum achieved is 4″ and some have reached 17″ after just 1 treatment!

It works by the key ingredient – Hydrolysed Lecithin mixed with Glycolic Acid and a blend of essential oils absorb deep into your skin to reach the fat cells. Once reached the Hydrolysed Lecithin gets to work by penetrating through to where the hard fat (triglycerides) are stored and works to break them down into soft fat (fatty acids), this is then passed out of the fat cell and into the body and excreted from the body.

This wrap works on the principle that the more water you drink the better your results. Unlike other wraps out there where after a couple of glasses of water and the so called ‘fat loss’ has returned, this wrap depends on the water intake to flush as much of the fatty acids out of the system as possible. The results take upto 72hrs to have their full effect. Whether it be a weekend away or a night out, or in preparation for a holiday this treatment can be used as a one off or can be done over a course of treatments to gain even better results.

There is the option of home-care products to enhance the results further.

Measurements are taken before and after each treatment and once this has been carried out your body will be prepared with a dry brush to invigorate the skin ready to have the Shrinking Violet Wrap applied and massaged into your skin. You will then be encapsulated in wrapture for better absorption and encased in warm blankets to accelerate the fat loss process. A complimentary massage to either hands/feet/scalp or face will be carried out while you lay back and relax and let the wonders happen.

There is the option to have other treatments such a gel polish to hands/feet, express facial, eye treatments etc while the wrap is on.

Then it isn’t over….. the measurements are re taken to see how many inches you have lost. Then more can be lost if you keep to a balanced diet and drink plenty of water.

    75 minutes £60.00
    Course of 6 £300.00