Essentials – Nails


“Very friendly, professional, extensive treatments – always have people comment on my nails – thanks Kate – always recommend her.”

Lyn – Hadleigh, Essex.

Nail Enhancements
At Abate MediSpa Sanctuary we specialise in the gel system. This is due to many reasons, one being there is no harsh chemical smells and also harsh abrasive acid primers that can cause damage to the natural nail in long term use. Gel is a strong, versatile system that also gives flexibility and looks natural! With different tints and finishes – Gel is the future be part of it!!!!
IBD Gel ibd Product Rack
A unique system that provides strength to your nails by using gel. Ibd is strong, flexible and kind to the natural nail which also allows your natural nail to breathe. This system is great for long term use and can come in different tints to create a unique natural manicure or Permanent French Finish.

We also use the Orly GelFX, IBD Just Polish range of Gel Polishes which can be used for a permanent colour.

Gel polish applied over Ibd builder gel system £6.00
Full Set Ibd Extensions £42.00
with Permanent French Finish or gel polish £48.00
Wraps/Overlays (Ibd over natural nails for added strength)/td>

with Permanent French Finish or Gel polish £43.00
Maintenance (3-4 weeks nails are buffed and rebalanced) £27.00
with Permanent French Finish or Gel polish £33.00
Ibd Manicure (between tidy to give your nails that ‘fresh’ look) £22.00
with Permanent French Finish or Gel polish £28.00
Replacement/Repair Nail £3.50
Colour nail paint FREE
Nail Art per nail prices start from £1.00
Nail paint including tidy hands or feet £12.00
Removal of Ibd Gel (includes a 1/4oz Nailtiques Formula) £24.00
Abate now offers Orly GelFX (vitamin infused 2 week manicure)
An innovation in nail care, these systems provide you with luscious glossy coloured nails that last upto 14 days! Although we have had been getting clients getting upto a month of wear!
You can walk straight out with no fear of smudging your newly painted nails, no more time wasted for your nails to dry and with an array of gorgeous colours you will be spoilt for choice. Because the system can be soaked off as opposed to buffing it makes it an ideal solution to use on your natural nails but it can still be used on gel overlays/extensions.
Orly GelFX application to hands £20.00
Orly GelFX French Polish to hands £20.00
Orly GelFX application to feet £20.00
Orly GelFX French Polish to feet £20.00
Removal of Orly GelFX hands or feet
(this is free if you require a reapplication)
IBD Just Polish Just Gel Polish
Just Polish offers you the benefits of long lasting nail polish that can last upto 14 days! Although we have been getting upto a months wear. It is very much like Orly GelFX but it doesn’t offer the added vitamins, but it does offer a bigger colour spectrum on top of our Orly GelFX range.
Just Polish application to hands £20.00
Just Polish application to feet £20.00
Removal of Just Polish hands or feet
(this is free if you require a reapplication)