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“I am very pleased I came to the Abate MediSpa Clinic for mole removal treatment. I was unsure as to what was involved with my mole removal procedure but I was put at ease on my first appointment, the course of the treatment was explained clearly to me and I have now had three successful appointments. Everything has been so straightforward I have decided to continue with a further three appointments to complete my treatment.”

Chris – Chelmsford, Essex.

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Abate MediSpa has been established since 1990 and is a leading UK Mole Removal Clinic specialising in Minor Cosmetic Surgery procedures in Runwell, Wickford, Essex.  We are now celebrating our 25th year in the beauty and medical profession. Our Professional Mole Removal Clinic offers a unique method of Scar Less Mole Removal Treatment performed by highly skilled and trained professionals who are qualified specialists.  Our prices are very competitive and start from as little as £95.  Discounts are available for two moles plus.

NO stitches are required. Our method of Mole Removal is very Safe, Painless, Quick and very Effective.  Our process of Mole Removal is truly remarkable and is a unique method of removing all types of Moles and Lesions.  Our Mole Removal method needs only ONE treatment, leaves NO scars and there is NO re-growth.

Although Moles are common for some individuals they can be an embarrassment for some patients because they are visible and can lower self esteem but they can be easily and safely removed from the face and body with our revolutionary  ‘no scarring or re-growth mole removal’.

Many benign tumours do not need to be treated  but may be removed for cosmetic reasons.   If a benign tumour is causing symptoms, presents a health risk, or causes a cosmetic concern for the patient, surgery is usually the most effective approach. Most benign tumours do not respond to chemotherapy or radiation therapy, although there are exceptions.

The many cell and tissue types in skin is responsible for the enormous number of benign tumours that may arise from it. Despite the large numbers of such lesions, they have a limited number of clinical appearances and, because of this, accurate clinical diagnosis is difficult. The treatment of all the lesions included is discussed together with a treatment plan with our Specialists Consultant when booking for an appointment to remove such lesions.

  • +Types of Benign Tumours

    Nodular hidradenoma – skin coloured or rarely pigmented. Solitary nodules of epithelial cells and ducts.

    Dermal cellular – papular or nodular, may be hairy, usually light brown of skin coloured – very common on face.

    Moles or nevi – can be flat or raised, they can be dark brown or black, skin coloured or yellowish, smooth or rough, they may contain hairs. They can change over time and are sensitive to hormonal changes.

    Dysplastic nevi – larger than normal moles and not always round, may be tan or brown with a pinkish background, on any part of the body.

  • +How does Moles Removal Treatment Work?

    Our leading Minor Cosmetic Surgery Skin Clinic removes Moles without the need to cut or stitch! Moles and lesions are removed quickly and safely, taking only a few minutes depending on the size, depth and location. It is painless although anesthetic is available. Mole removal requires one treatment and there is no re-growth. We have revolutionized the process of mole removal and our process is unique. Over 25 years we have accumulated a large photographic portfolio showing mole removal before and after treatment, these mole removal photographs can be viewed during your consultation. Our unique technique leaves no scars and the skin heals back to normal. There is little down time which means you can get on with your life with little or no disturbance.

    Our revolutionary method is also used to remove Cysts, Warts, Milia and Skin Tags by the same process, leaving no scars.

    We are a leading professional UK Mole Removal Clinic which has been established since 1990 and our reputation is built on trust and word of mouth recommendations.

  • +Why come to Abate MediSpa for Mole Removal?

    With over 25 years experience we are the leading UK’s MediSpa offering Mole Removal treatment, so you can be sure you are in safe hands.

    Our leading professional MediSpa is always at the forefront in using the very latest innovative state of the art treatments combined with tried and tested techniques which we have used for over 25 years, rest assured we are commissioned in offering you the very highest standard of patient health care.

    We are conveniently situated in Runwell, Essex, SS11 7DT which makes transport access easy from all road and rail links. Wickford railway station is within walking distance.

  • +Testimonial from Susan Cox, Southend on Sea

    ‘I visited Abate MediSpa Mole Removal Clinic and was very glad that I did. I had several moles removed from my face, I was so pleased with the results that I rebooked to have the remaining removed. I have no scars on my face and it is now difficult to see where my moles were. I wished that I had them removed years ago as I am a professional working within the general public. Now that I have had Mole Removal I feel confident at work whilst speaking to people. I would recommend anyone wishing to have mole removal should visit Abate MediSpa, Mole Removal Clinic’.

  • +Consultations

    An in depth medical consultation will be conducted with Susan Lennie I.F.H.B. B.A.B.T.A.C. I.T.E.C.H, who will discuss procedure in full, answer any questions or concerns that you may have, view before and after photographic portfolio, after care advice and price of treatment.


£95 – £300 plus price depends on size, depth and location of mole.

Consultation £40.

Discounts offered for 2 or more moles.

Contact Abate MediSpa Sanctuary for honest professional help and advice on 01268 763912