Milia Removal

Unisex Treatment

Milia are white or pale yellow tiny bumps that appear just under the skin surface (the epidermis) and are usually found around the eye area namely, eyelids, crows feet and cheek bones but can also be found on the nose and forehead.  They are a keratin filled cyst and require extraction by a aesthetician.  They are not harmful but can look unsightly.  It maybe that your cosmetics may be causing the problem or it might be a lack of exfoliation or irregular skin care routine, whatever the cause of your Milia, Abate MediSpa have the experts to solve and eliminate your problem.

If you suffer from this condition it is usually suggested that you have your cholesterol level checked with you GP.

How does Milia Removal Treatment work? 

At Abate MediSpa we have been using advanced electrolysis to treat Milia for over 21 years with fantastic results.  Advanced electrolysis when carried out by Susan Lennie I.F.H.B. B.A.B.T.A.C. I.T.E.C.H., removes Milia instantly with little trauma to the skin and little down time so you can get on with your daily life with little disturbance.  Susan’s tried and tested painless method of removing Milia is quick, safe and very effectively.

Why come to Abate MediSpa for Milia Removal?

With over 21 years experience Susan Lennie  I.F.H.B. B.A.B.T.A.C. I.T.E.C.H., is a leading UK’s practitioner for the removal of Milia treatment, so you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Abate MediSpa is always at the forefront using the very latest innovative state of the art treatments combined with tried and tested  techniques.   Abate Medispa is commissioned in offering you the very highest standard of client care.

Consultation ~ £35  An in depth consultation with Susan Lennie I.F.H.B. B.A.B.T.A.C. I.T.E.C.H, who will discuss procedure in full, highlight the cause and reasons why you have Milia and explain prevention.  (Consultation charge of £35 will be refunded against your Milia Removal treatment cost).


1 –  10 Milia   £65

10 – 20 Milia  £85

20 plus         £100