Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi Permanent Make-up ~ Permanent Make-Up

Semi Permanent Make-Up is now generally referred to as Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up or Micro-pigmentation.

Imagine never having to waste valuable time in the morning applying eyeliner, lip stick, lip liner or even eyebrow pencil.   Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the freedom of not bothering?

Semi permanent Make-Up with its advanced new techniques and procedures will enhance your natural beauty and give your features shape and definition which means you should never have to reach for your make-up bag again.

Semi Permanent Make-Up is the application of tattooing coloured pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.  It is completely safe and effective and used for a variety of semi-permanent cosmetic enhancement procedures such as eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liners as well medical cosmetic enhancement.  Women of all ages are experiencing the difference Semi Permanent Make-Up can make.  After just one procedure you can have stunning smudge free make-up that will last for years.

  • +Clients who benefit:

    – Anyone wishing to enhance their natural beauty who applies their make-up daily
    – Aopecia suffers or other hair loss problems including Chemotherapy patients
    – Those who react to conventional cosmetic products
    – Disabled people who find cosmetic application difficult
    – Visually impaired
    – Those who regularly take part in sporting activity
    – People who require correction of asymmetry of facial features
    – Busy working professionals including media artists and models
    – Burn and Scar victims
    – Cleft lip sufferers
    – Stretch marks following childbirth and weight gain sufferers
    – Aerola or Nipple reconstruction
    – Hair loss camouflage
    – Vitiligo sufferers
    – Scar revision following face or body surgery
    – Scar camouflage

    Semi Permanent Make-Up can be the answer to your problems, whether your looking for the perfect shaped eyebrows, eyeliner definition to make your eyes ‘stand out‘, or to enhance and give volume and shape to your lips, or perhaps your needing to camouflage stretch marks, hide scars, disguise Vitiligo, Hair Loss, Cleft lip, Areola or Nipple Restoration following breast surgery or cancer the benefits are endless.

    Susan Lennie I.F.H.B. B.A.B.T.A.C. I.T.E.C.H., is a skilled professional who has over 20 years experience working in the beauty industry. Susan is a respected Aesthetic Cosmetic Consultant who has offered her expertise, knowledge and advice in applying Semi Permanent Make-Up and Medical Micro-pigmentation as well as Minor Cosmetic Surgery procedures ~ mole removal, skin tag, wart, cyst, milia and Aesthetic Cosmetic Treatments for many years. Her professional skill as a Semi Permanent Make-Up artist is a testimony to her skill and great success. Her friendly professional approach to her clients has seen her Semi Permanent Make-Up clinic grow and develop into one of the top leading Semi Permanent Make-Up clinics in the country, offering client satisfaction and ranking customer care as priority. Each Semi Permanent Make-Up application is bespoke and natural which is why Susan is in such high demand.

  • +How Long Should You Allow For Treatment.

    Your first application will usually last approximately about two hours, although the second treatment application is usually shorter.

    It maybe that you have thought about having Semi Permanent Make-Up for several months or even years, Susan recognises that Semi Permanent Make-Up is a treatment which is personal to each individual and that each treatment application should reflect this. Precise and special attention should always be applied to each individual treatment to achieve perfect results every time.

    Prior to treatment application Susan will take into consideration the following important points to achieve the finest results:-

    Bone Structure

    Skin Tone

    ŸSkin Texture

    ŸHair Colour

    ŸSuitable Pigment Colour Choice

    ŸDesirable Shapes ~ That Best Suit Your Face Shape

    ŸMedical Considerations

    Susan’s results speak for themselves. Her amazing creative talent and artistic flair sets her apart from the rest. Her aim is to enhance her clients features and bring out their own natural beauty by careful bespoke application.

    Susan says ‘no two treatments when carried out are exactly the same because no two faces are the same; we are all uniquely different which makes treatment application varied, this is a key factor in achieving perfect results every time. It is important for the client to be relaxed and confident in the technician’s ability, and one must offer patience and understanding and listen to their requirements and wishes and to deliver the results they expect’. This is why Susan’s loyal clientele return back time after time. Her demand has grown due her precise procedure application coupled with her friendly innovative approach, patience and genuine concern for all her clients welfare and happiness.

  • +Take advantage of Susan’s Free consultations!

    Consultations with Susan are thorough and informative and are never hurried and are carried out in luxury consultation rooms which offer a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. During consultation you can view Susan’s Portfolio of Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up procedures and she encourages her clients to ask as many questions regarding the treatment of Semi Permanent Make-Up.

Lip Definer and Full Colour Blush

This Semi Permanent Make-Up pigmentation procedure for lip colour is beautiful and is a truly subtle cosmetic effect, micro pigmentation is an excellent way of enhancing the shape and colour of your lips.

With Susan’s skilled technique, lips can look fuller and more shapely, she appears to change the size and shape of the lips as well as the colour.  This procedure helps prevent lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding skin, ensuring that you have perfect lips at all times.  A soft pink, similar to the lip colour of a newborn baby, is popular for those wanting a natural look.  A more dramatic colour can be achieved if desired.

Full lip colour is available in subtle shades or for a more striking effect stronger colour can be applied.

It can also be used to correct or redefine lips.

Lip Prices

Lip Liner                                                    £175



It’s true! Eyebrows do frame the face  and can make a huge difference to how we look.    Anyone who requires emphasis of the ‘eyebrows’ will love this procedure and the time saved never having to pencil again. The  pigmentation procedure for eyebrows can mimic the appearance of hairs in the brow line.  Anyone who desires more fullness of the brows will love Susan’s procedure and the time saved not applying make-up, the results are perfect!  Those who used to apply pencil can go swimming, play sport or wipe their forehead without the embarrassment of losing their eyebrows.  Eyebrows lost through over-plucking, hypothyroidism, alopecia or following medical treatment, such as chemotherapy, can also be reconstructed.  Alopecia sufferers are pleasantly surprised at how natural it looks.

Choose between a soft textured look or hair simulation. If you have no brow hair, or sparse ‘brows’ due to over plucking the difference balanced eyebrows make is amazing.

Eyebrow Prices

3d  Natural Looking Hair Strokes                            £175

Soft Textured Powdered Colour                             £175


 A subtle, natural look, mimicking thousands of tiny eyelashes with implantation of pigments in the lash line can make your eyelashes look thicker and bolder it is popular with both male and female clients.

Additional shadowing of colour can be added for a soft natural liner or a bold, definite line can be achieved.  Ophthalmologists recommend intradermal cosmetic procedures for those who are allergic to conventional make-up and for those wearing contact lenses.

Make the most of your eyes with Micro pigmentation, from subtle to dramatic, eyelash enhancement or eyeliner can dramatically define eyes, creating great looks that are long lasting and always perfect.

Eyeliner and Eyelash Enhancement Prices

Subtle Fine Eyeliner Top                                               £200


Recommended Top-Up Treatments every 12/18 months from  £150