Brown Spot Treatment

Unisex Treatment

Can also be known as brown spots or liver spots, although they have nothing to do with the liver or liver function. They are usually flat and can appear any where on the body, hands, arms legs and feet and face, any part of the body that has been over exposed to the sun. Although they are not medically dangerous they may permanently alter the appearance of the skin and cause distress and lower self esteem to sufferers.

The correct name for age spots, liver spots and brown spots is Sola Lentigo or plural Sola Lentigines.

What causes Age Spots, Liver, Brown Spots

Over exposure of the sun.  In the skin structure we have melanocytes which is cells in the epidermis which produces pigment in the skin and their role is to protect the skin from sun exposure.  As we age their role to protect the skin from the sun breaks down which can lead to age, liver and brown spotting in the skin.


Cover up from the sun using hats and clothing with long sleeves, long dresses and trousers.  Use a good sun screen of at least 30% sun protection factor (spf), avoid any intense sunshine especially midday sun when it is at its hottest and wear sunscreen all year including winter months.  It is also recommended to wear sunscreen whilst driving your car, this will help prevent much of the sun damage through the glass window which causes age, liver and brown spots on the arms.

Wear sun screen all the time to prevent further damage and stop more forming, it is never too late to start.

A tan skin is NOT a healthy skin, using sun beds will also put your skin at risk of becoming damaged.

If we remain out of the sun they will not come back.

How We Treat Age Spots, Liver Spots, Brown Spots at Abate MediSpa Sanctuary

We are a leading Professional Minor Cosmetic Surgery Clinic which has been established since 1990 so you can be sure you are in safe hands.  Our practitioners are highly trained professional specialist who have many years experience in treating and removing age spots, brown spots on the face and body.  Our new unique brown spot removal technique makes melanin gradually separate from normal skin tissue and finally peels off.  This “extraction” method is substantially more effective than traditional “bleaching” method.  Furthermore, it inhibits the skin’s “memory” to minimize the chance of age spots, brown spot, liver spot regeneration which is the drawback of most other removal methods.

This technique is simple, easy and convenient.  This method is designed for removing brown spots, age spots, liver spots, freckles and common moles (not malignant melanoma).  Our technique may be used to remove skin tags (small colourless skin elevation) and fat deposit (cholesterol pad).

Our method, is simple, easy, quick and convenient.  It is the most advanced and cost effective. Single brown spots, age spots, liver spots to multiple spots can be treated at once.  There is little downtime so you can get on with your daily life with little disturbance.


Single £65

1 to 5 brown spots £110

5 to 10 brown spots £150

*please not these prices may vary according to size of brown spots

 Home Care Program

* Avoid contact with water for 10 -12 hours or overnight.  A circular bandage may be used to cover the treated area for taking shower.  After 10-12 hours, the treated area can be washed (usually turns to dark) however, do not rub off the brownish scab on the skin.

* A dark colour will appear on the treated spot area and a scab will peel off in a few days (3-5 days, it takes longer for a mole) Do not force the scab off (may rub off gently)

* After a scab peels off, the brown spot or mole will be completely gone.  The treated skin area will show reddish colour with a dip (depending upon the spot size).

*  Apply Rejuvi ’h’ super soothing cream on the area daily to help skin recover (diminish redness and fill the dip).  In case that a significant redness or infection develops before the scab peels off, a Bacitracin ointment should be applied daily until the problem is gone.

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