Blood Spots Removal

Unisex Treatment

Blood Spots can be found on the trunk of the body, namely, chest, tummy, upper thighs, back, arms and shoulders.  At Abate MediSpa Sanctuary we have been treating the removal of Blood Spots technically named Campbell De Morgan Spots for over twenty years, and our results are totally amazing.  There is no down time following procedure and the skin heals back to normal very quickly.

Abate MediSpa Sanctuary’s Blood Spot treatment is suitable for both men and women and each heal equally well. The treatment is virtually pain free.  They appear on all skin types, white, Asian and Black.  They come in different sizes and can be raised, flat, small or big.

When the tiny capillaries cluster together under the skin’s surface it forms round spots or domes ranging from a couple of millimetres to half a centimetre.   These can look unsightly and can cause embarrassment to those that are unfortunate to have them on their body.

Although they are harmless and not health threatening they can be easily removed by Advanced Electrolysis.  Abate MediSpa Sanctuary’s specialist practitioner is Susan Lennie  I.F.H.B.C. B.A.B.T.A.C.  I.T.E.C.H., who has performed  Blood Spots Removal (Campbell De Morgan Spots) for over twenty years her method of removal is amazing, easy, fast and safe.  By inserting a tiny probe into the Blood Spot and administering heat into the offending lesion they can be safely removed causing the lesion to dry up and disappear.

Session times start from 15 minutes for £85.

Consultation £35.

It may be required to repeat the procedure after one month, this would depend on size and depth of Blood Spot but all this can be explained during your consultation.

To speak to a specialist please call telephone number 01268 763912 now!